DCKAP Workforce – A New Beginning in US Staffing

New Beginning

Finding the right candidate who suits your requirement and the company culture is always a challenge. For the past decade we have been instrumental in sourcing the right candidate for organizations across North America.

With loads of experience in technology staffing, we are now spinning off an new entity called “DCKAP Workforce” which focuses purely in US staffing. DCKAP as brand is synonymous with Magento Implementations and eCommerce related products. Workforce will purely focus on finding and sourcing the most perfect talent for your organizations.

We always believe in working on a focused approach which has reaped good benefits in increasing client satisfaction. Hence in the technology staffing space we focus only in sourcing Pentaho and Mean Stack consultants.

Pentaho, one of the most favored tools in the Big Data and Business Intelligence sector, has been the core of our staffing business. Along with Pentaho we are observing a new set of needs and requirements in the MEAN stack technology profile. MEAN stack which comprises of MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js and Node.js is creating a revolution in building scalable web and mobile apps.

This new beginning in DCKAP Workforce helps our clients overcome their biggest challenges in sourcing the right talent.

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