Our Consulting Services

We have deep expertise in providing the perfect talent from a vibrant candidate pool across North America. Whenever there is a gap in terms of talent we assist you in sourcing the right candidate at the right timeline to handle your organization's business challenges. We work directly with the CIO / CTO / Project Managers and collaborate with your human resources team to understand the requirements and identify the quintessential employee.

Our Information technology staffing solutions span over temporary to permanent employee hiring. The flexibility in contract-to-hire opportunity allows you to understand better about any of our contractors and convert them to full-time whenever you're ready.

We employ a vibrant data analytics talent specialized in Pentaho. Our consultants help you overcome your Business Intelligence challenges by providing expert solutions in the areas of Data Integration, OLAP, Dashboarding, Data Mining and other ETL capabilities.

Products that are developed with the Mean stack technology stack rely on MongoDB to provide cross-platform document-oriented database. Compared to other Database architectures MongoDB uses a relational database structure called BSON, which creates an effective integration across applications. This non relational database schema works well with applications that follow the JSON protocol. The scalability and the relational query language make MongoDB all the more interesting among modern databases.

Being an open-source database MongoDB is preferred by organizations that develop web based applications using frameworks that include AngularJS and NodeJS. We have a talented pool of MongoDB consultants who can align business goals with MongoDB's capabilities that includes Application Developemnt, Data Migration, Integrations, Cloud Deployment and much more.

Express JS a default standard server framework for Node.js which is used for designing web applications and APIs. Organizations who have products developed using Node.js framework need Express JS consultants to efficiently manage the server side scripting.

AngularJS is creating a silent revolution in creating exciting web applications. We specialize in sourcing expert consultants in the AngularJS platform who had deep rooted knowledge in MVC, MVVM architectures, JSON, Meanstack and other technologies used to create ingenious web applications.

Node.js is a lightweight event driven non-blocking I/O model with popular open source libraries that helps in efficient server side scripting. Being a popular framework in the mean stack library node.js consultants are required by Product development, Retail and Business Intelligence companies. We can assist companies in sourcing the best node.js talent across the country.

How do We work?


Tell us your requirements,
technology and pay rates


Our Technical recruiter will
source/shortlist the candidate.


You interview
the candidates


Hire them as contractor or
permanent employee

Our Amazing Clients

We have worked with companies ranging from a two member startup to Fortune 500 companies and closed their gap in talent acquisition.

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