Skill Set Everyone Should Have In Current Work Environment -Interview With Kirk Borne


“Can you come to White House Tomorrow and give a presentation on big data to the president”

Our guest was on the receiving end. He couldn’t believe that out of the blue he is getting a call from White House. So to clarify his doubt he asked “Do you mean THE president”, “Yes THE President” was the answer he received. On coming days he gave the presentation on big data to room full of government officers.

His personal blog plays an important role is guiding people towards right places to learn more on data science.

Quickly he became the Go-To guy for Data Science,Big Data and Data Analytics.

While looking for the first guest to kick start our “TechnoTalk” series we couldn’t come up with any better name than Kirk Borne. We learnt a ton from his insightful answers on Data science, Hiring, Team Work, Advice to newbies.



In this episode, we cover:

  • Kirk Borne’s background and how he became data scientist?
  • Did his family influenced him to take up physics as major?
  • Importance of 7 C’s for data scientist and Why Curiosity in particular
  • Advice to newbies who wanted to get into data science and important qualification to have
  • How to cope up with new trends in technology
  • Does he really miss teaching to college students?
  • In 2017 and which company is fully utilizing their data (Spoiler Alert: Google)
  • His take on privacy and future of consumer data
  • Advice to companies who are in hiring fast mode and scaling up engineering team.
  • Common mistake with people in workplace
  • How data science can play a crucial role in hiring process.
  • Attracting and Retaining great talent
  • How To Be More Productive.


Tune In.

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